I’m a young enthusiast. I love music, audio production, coffee, whisk(e)y, tea, food, my wife; I love a lot of things. Here I will only talk about two of those things: whisk(e)y and music. I won’t always review a drink with an album, or vice versa, but I promise to always give an honest, unbiased review of whatever I have that week. So if you happen to have that same thing (whiskey, album, single, EP, etc), sit back with me and share a dram!


Disclaimer: I am in no way a whiskey connoisseur. I’m just a 21 year old guy in Nashville who likes fine things. This blog is a way to help me get better at tasting and listening. I retain all editorial control and, if someone happens to send me something for free, I will explain that in the review and then proceed with my unbiased review of the material.